Radar target simulator accelerates vehicle testing

May 16, 2018 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Radar target simulator accelerates vehicle testing
In the ATRIUM research project, the Fraunhofer FHR is developing an over-the-air simulation environment with which automobile manufacturers and suppliers can test the reliability of new automotive radars much more easily and yet to a much greater extent.

The development of automotive radars is complex: each new sensor must be adapted to the design and material of each vehicle model so that the sensor can reliably fulfill its task. Up to now, sensor manufacturers and automotive OEMs have had to prove the functionality of their new developments in extensive road tests. This is made more difficult by the fact that the car radars must function without errors even in complex traffic situations, e.g. at inner-city junctions. In real test drives, all these conditions cannot be depicted specifically and only with considerable expenditure of time and money. As an alternative, commercially available radar target simulators are available, which can currently only display up to four scattering centres as point targets for testing the sensors.

Fraunhofer's radar target simulator can generate 
more than 100 virtual vehicles as targets.

Fraunhofer FHR is therefore developing ATRIUM (Automobile Test Environment for Radar In-the-loop Investigations and Measurements), a digital radar target simulator that can comprehensively simulate critical traffic scenarios.

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