Remote flashing of ECUs with vFlash Remote

March 27, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Remote flashing of ECUs with vFlash Remote
With the vFlash Remote tool, Vector Informatik completes its portfolio of remote diagnostic tools for automotive ECUs, consisting of the Indigo Remote diagnostic tester and the Remote D-PDU API. With vFlash Remote, users now have the ability to flash ECUs from any location and from a distance. The user benefits from a high degree of flexibility and reliability, especially on test drives and during the production of ECUs abroad.

With vFlash Remote, ECUs can be reprogrammed remotely - spatially unbound and without great effort. The structure of the communication infrastructure is simple: The user uses vFlash Remote as a flash tool and connects via the Internet to a remote access point on the vehicle. There are two possible ways to connect remotely: either via the intelligent VN8810 diagnostic device with an already integrated access point or via a Windows-based PC with an installed vFlash access point and network interface. The vFlash Access Point required for this can be downloaded free of charge from the Vector website.

Users can further increase their efficiency and reduce their costs by using existing Flash packages created with vFlash for remote applications.

In addition to immediate availability, the development of the tool focuses on the security and reliability of the Flash process, assures Vector. The remote connection established between vFlash Remote and vFlash Access Point is always encrypted. This ensures that Flash data cannot be viewed or manipulated by third parties. In addition, the transmission of flash data to the access point is decoupled from the reprogramming of the ECUs. Reprogramming is only started when the data to be written has been completely transferred to the access point and checked for plausibility. The user receives a plus in transparency through continuous progress information during the flash process, qualified status feedback after completion and the optional creation of a report for documentation purposes.

Like vFlash, vFlash Remote works on the basis of Flash templates that implement the Flash specifications of the individual vehicle manufacturers. More than 130 templates are currently available for more than 70 different manufacturers.

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