Renault details all-electric, autonomous vehicle

February 19, 2018 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Renault details all-electric, autonomous vehicle
With the Symbioz Demo Car, Renault presents the further developed test vehicle based on the IAA Symbioz study. The fully networked demonstration vehicle with pure battery operation gives an outlook for the year 2023.

The Symbioz Demo Car systems meet the requirements for the fourth of five levels of autonomous driving. This so-called "mind-off" level allows fully automated driving on roads approved for this purpose, such as motorways or expressways with central lanes or in the city centre, without the driver having to constantly keep an eye on the traffic situation. The vehicle can independently change lanes, drive curves, overtake and cope with stop-and-go traffic. For this purpose, it constantly communicates with its surroundings and other vehicles. In addition, the demo car is capable of "valet parking", i. e. picking up drivers and passengers at the front door. With the Symbioz Demo Car, Renault is already carrying out road tests under real traffic conditions.

Renault is currently planning to launch fully automated level four vehicles on the market from 2022. Autonomous driving at the "mind-off" level is currently not yet permitted in Europe, but it is possible on certain routes for test purposes, provided that a driver is behind the wheel and can take control of the vehicle at any time. 

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The body of the Symbioz Demo Car has a large number of sensors as the basis for the autonomous driving functions. These include lidar detectors in the headlights and rear bumper. They are complemented by radar and ultrasound sensors as well as a front camera at the top of the windshield. In addition, there is a camera on the tailgate and side cameras in the door openers.

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