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February 19, 2018 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Renault details all-electric, autonomous vehicle
With the Symbioz Demo Car, Renault presents the further developed test vehicle based on the IAA Symbioz study. The fully networked demonstration vehicle with pure battery operation gives an outlook for the year 2023.

The design of the interior also reflects the goal of transporting the occupants comfortably at the mind-off level. This means that there is no center console and the cabin floor is always flat. The cockpit layout changes depending on the driving program. In autonomous mode "AD" ("Autonomous Driving"), for example, the instrument panel and steering wheel retract 12 centimeters so that more space is available.

The OLED cockpit in HD resolution
enables users to watch videos during 
the L4 autonomous ride

The L-shaped cut fully digital cockpit was developed in cooperation with LG Electronics. It comprises three individually configurable OLED display fields for driving information, navigation and comfort functions or on-board entertainment with a resolution in. high definition quality. The cockpit is complemented by a head-up display on the windscreen.

Another feature of the Symbioz Demo Car is its high degree of cross-linking with the environment. When boarding, the vehicles recognise the driver and passengers and adjust the seat settings as well as the music and video selections in the car to suit them individually. This is made possible by the data exchange between vehicle and smartphone. Furthermore, thanks to Wi-Fi interface, fourth generation (4G) mobile phone standard and GPS, users can access digital media and services they use at home or at work from the car.

The Renault test vehicle is also capable of communicating with other networked vehicles and the traffic infrastructure (V2X connectivity), so that the driver is warned of accidents, traffic jams and danger points at an early stage. Renault cooperates with public authorities, private companies and public and private organisations.

Renault's cooperation partner in the field of vehicle infrastructure communication is the French motorway operator Sanef. Together, the two companies have created the prerequisites on the A 13 motorway (Paris-Rouen-Caen) to enable the Symbioz Demo Car toll stations to pass completely autonomously. Motorway tolls are charged electronically by data exchange.

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