Robust NTC thermistor for e-mobility

June 23, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Robust NTC thermistor for e-mobility
The B58703M1103A temperature sensor was specially developed for demanding e-mobility applications that require high long-term stability. The sensor is used for temperature monitoring of busbars, battery modules and connector systems in e-mobility.

The sensor from the manufacturer TDK has been tested climatically, chemically and mechanically according to the life cycle tests of LV124 and achieves the dielectric strength class H3 according to LV123, which corresponds to 2.5 kV DC. This high and long-term stable dielectric strength is necessary to prevent damage to, for example, control units over the lifetime of the vehicle. The sensor is designed for a temperature range of -40°C to +150°C, and can withstand 200°C for short periods. At 25°C the nominal resistance is 10kΩ with a B25/100 value of 3625 K and a tolerance of ±1%.

The connecting leads of the temperature sensor comply with the LV112-4 standard for electrical cables in motor vehicles and are twisted to improve EMC performance. The standard cable lengths are 655 mm and 1000 mm. For mounting, the sensor has an M4 screw-on lug made of a copper alloy. This material selection offers excellent thermal connection and ideal material compatibility with the copper busbar, thus avoiding contact corrosion.

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