Rohm bundles FuSa expertise in support website

June 08, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Rohm bundles FuSa expertise in support website
Under the ComfySIL brand, Rohm Semiconductor is bundling 1,000 products that support functional safety in automotive systems on a new website. The improved findability of products and documents increases work efficiency for developers of electronic circuits and systems in the automotive sector.

Since the international functional safety standard ISO 26262 includes a separate chapter on semiconductors, Rohm has successively expanded its portfolio to include the documents required for functional safety development. Currently, the company has more than 1,000 compatible products. Now the company is grouping these components under the brand name ComfySIL. This is used on the web and in relevant documents to improve the findability of the products.

 However, ComfySIL is not only aimed at vehicles, but also at functional safety for other markets. In the future, Rohm will extend its range of products supporting functional safety to the industrial sector.

As part of its "Quality First" strategy, the company employs a vertically integrated production system within the group that incorporates the highest quality into every process from development to production. At the same time, it ensures reliable traceability and an optimised supply chain. In this context, Rohm has also established its own line for automotive products and carries out developments that comply with the standards for quality management systems (IATF 16949) and for the reliability of electronic products (AEC-Q100/101/102).

Rohm has divided the functional safety products and documents made available on the new website into three categories:  

  • FS Process Compliant: these products have been developed using an ISO 26262 compliant process that meets the ASIL (Automotive Safety Integrity Level) level listed in the datasheet.

  • FS Mechanism Implemented: These are products that are equipped with a safety mechanism required for the ASIL level described in the datasheet.

  • FS Supportive: This term covers all products that have been developed for use in the automotive sector and are capable of supporting the safety analysis in terms of functional safety.


Rohm has launched the ComfySIL brand for customers involved in the development of functional safety. The products offered support SIL (Safety Integrity Level) in a "Comfy" way and contribute to more safety, security and comfort in social systems.

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