Sensor/MCU combo enables ultra-short range radar applications

June 29, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Sensor/MCU combination enables ultra-short range radar applications
By combining 60 GHz radar sensors from the Xensiv family with its Aurix MCUs, Infineon enables ultra-short range automotive applications such as in-cabin monitoring systems (ICMS) and blind spot detectors.

In-cabin monitoring systems (ICMS) are changing the concept of occupant safety in vehicles. Various applications for the detection of left-behind children, the well-being of the driver or presence detection increase road safety and protection in vehicles. Radar in particular is a promising technology to realise these functions: it is able to reliably detect the smallest movements and vital signs.

With the Xensiv BGT60ATR24C AEC-Q100-certified radar sensors, Aurix microcontrollers and Optireg PMICs, Infineon offers the necessary products for an ultra-broadband, energy- and cost-efficient architecture for ICMS systems. The various components support the use of new signal processing techniques. They are robust and enable a good compromise between computational effort, information level as well as system power consumption.

The Xensiv BGT60ATR24C radar sensor is a cognitive sensing solution with multiple transmit/receive components for virtual array configurations and high-agility modulation generation. Other features include automatic power-mode configurability and simplified interfaces between the RF and processing sides. In addition, the Aurix TC3xx MCU family combines high performance with an efficient safety architecture. The family integrates a fast radar signal processing unit and improves security with the second generation hardware security module (HSM). This includes asymmetric cryptography accelerators and full support of the EVITA security concept.

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