Silicon Labs expands automotive timing portfolio

January 25, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Silicon Labs expands automotive timing portfolio
Automotive electronics designs have traditionally relied on quartz crystals and oscillators, which are susceptible to failure over their operating lifetime. As timing requirements become more complex within automotive applications, the number of precision clocks needed also continues to increase. With its SmartClock technology, Silicon Labs provides system designers tools to actively monitor the health and reliability of their system clocks, improving the resiliency and operation of each design. 

If a fault condition is detected, SmartClock shares this information with an external system microcontroller or system safety manager, which can in turn instruct the Si5332-AM to switch to a redundant backup source, ensuring the system continues to operate safely. In applications where health monitoring of only a single frequency is needed, the new Si5118-AM SmartClock synthesizer can be implemented between the reference clock source and endpoint. These new features help to address the increasingly complex timing challenges being faced in automotive networking, advanced driver assistance systems, automated driving, and IVI/digital cockpit electronic designs.

The following new products and features are available:

  • SmartClock health monitoring, fault detection, and local backup reference are new, customizable features in the Si5332-AM clock generator family. These features can be enabled using Silicon Labs ClockBuilder Pro configuration software.
  • standalone Si5118-AM SmartClock Synthesizer
  • 12-output version of the Si5332-AM clock generator
  • 10-output version of the Si53350-AM buffer

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