Simulation software offers new functionalities for virtual test driving

May 18, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
CarMaker simulation software offers new functionalities for virtual test driving
From cooperative driving with SimNet, new sensor models to the parallelization of multiple GPUs - the release 9.0 of the CarMaker simulation software family includes numerous news applications for virtual vehicle development. In response to the societal megatrends traffic digitization and autonomous driving leading to higher validation efforts in vehicle development, simulation software company IPG Automotive is focusing in the fields of performance and flexibility of scenarios.

With release 9.0, the calculations of Radar RSI is switched to physically based field calculations. A wide range of effects are thereby considered before the raw data are then processed in a signal processing model. Radar RSI was validated in an extensive measurement campaign in cooperation with Magna Electronics, one of the leading automotive suppliers.

To support the functionality tests more extensively, the Camera HiFi Sensor is added to the list of Sensors. It generates camera specific object lists of recognized traffic objects, traffic signs and traffic lights. Various effects need to be taken into consideration, as for example occlusion or influence of rain or fog.

Further, the release 9.0 introduces the Object by Lane Sensor. It traffic objects on selected, adjacent traffic lanes and provides information about the lanes as well as about the traffic objects using them. Thus, this sensor is perfectly suitable for trajectory planning.

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