Single-chip motor pre-driver integrates Flash memory, LIN interface

April 29, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Single-chip motor pre-driver
Microelectronics company Melexis has added the MLX81206 to its Generation II embedded motor driver product portfolio for automotive applications. This single-chip solution with 64 KB Flash memory offers higher integration with the ability to drive BLDC motors from 100W to 1000W. 

The MLX81206 supports a LIN 1.x/LIN 2.x and SAE J602 compliant interface, the most widely used digital communications interface standards in the automotive sector, making it a simple solution to predriving a range of high-power BLDC motors. With the ability to drive 12V motors in either a sensor or sensorless configuration the MLX81206 is the ideal choice for silent and high-performance hvac blowers, engine cooling fans and pumps in conventional, hybrid and full electric vehicles. 

The product boast a high level of integration, bringing together an embedded driver with high-voltage analog circuitry and digital technology, including Flash and non-volatile RAM memory along with an embedded microcontroller. This makes the MLX81206 a complete single-chip solution combining both hardware and software. 

The synergy between sensing and drive control makes the MLX81206 a compelling choice in terms of size, performance and robustness. This is apparent by the ease with which the device can interface to a range of sensors, such as the MLX90380 resolver for dynamic pumps driven in Field-Oriented-Control mode (FOC). This IC can be delivered in a small footprint QFN32 package (MLX81206) or in a leaded package TQFP48 (MLX81208).

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