Single-chip triple-band satnav receiver makes positioning more accurate

November 22, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Single chip triple band satnav receiver makes positioning more accurate
STMicroelectronics' STA8135GA is the first automotive-qualified single-chip GNSS receiver with an integrated triple-band position measurement unit. The highly integrated solution provides increased reliability and cost-effectiveness at the system level.

The STA8135GA, a member of the semiconductor manufacturer's Teseo V family, is the first automotive-qualified global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receiver to include a triple-band position measurement unit in addition to the usual multi-band position velocity time (PVT) and dead reckoning functions, explains the manufacturer.

Triple-band technology has been used in the past in professional applications such as surveying and mapping solutions, as well as precision agriculture, which require millimetre-level accuracy and minimal reliance on correction data. The triple-band concept has so far only been implemented in chipsets or modules, which are typically larger and more expensive than ST's single-chip solution. However, it enables the receiver to efficiently acquire and track as many satellites as possible in several constellations at the same time in order to achieve outstanding performance even under difficult conditions, i.e. between tall buildings in the city or under trees. In this way, the STA8135GA is expected to achieve performance on par with highly accurate surveying and mapping instruments.

The STA8135GA provides these capabilities in a compact and purpose-built package for the automotive market, helping driver assistance systems make accurate decisions regarding the path ahead. The multi-constellation receiver provides the raw information upon which the host system can execute precise positioning algorithms such as PPP/RTK (Precise Point Positioning / Real-Time Kinematic). In addition, the STA8135GA enhances the performance of fixed navigation systems, telematics equipment, smart antennas and V2X communication systems, as well as marine navigation systems, drones and other vehicles.

"The high accuracy and single-chip integration of the STA8135GA satellite receiver enables the realisation of reliable, affordable navigation systems that can help make vehicles safer and more context-sensitive," said Luca Celant, general manager of the ADAS, ASIC and Audio Division in STMicroelectronics' Automotive and Discrete Group. "Our unique in-house design resources and processes for high yield manufacturing are among the capabilities that have been critical to achieving this industry first."

Also integrated into the chip are multiple

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