Sion orders electric drive unit from Continental

November 22, 2018 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Sion orders electric drive unit from Continental
Signs of life from startup Sono Motors: The company has now placed an order to supply the powertrain drive unit for its Sion electric car.

About a year ago, we reported on a start-up company that wanted to build an affordable, battery-powered electric car with a very special feature: The vehicle is covered over and over with solar cells that are supposed to provide additional energy for charging the battery. For a long time, we hadn't heard from Sono Motors, as the young company is called. This only to often means that Sono might have gone the way into oblivion, like many start-up companies.

But now Sono Motors has some very positive news: Preparations for series production are in full swing. These days it has signed a contract with Continental - the supplier will provide the engine and transmission as well as the power electronics for the planned Sion small car. These three functional units will be integrated into a single system unit. This reduces the size and weight of the drive unit, which in turn improves the performance of the Sion. The range of the car of 250 km (or even somewhat more, according to the WLTP standard), which was stated a year ago, has now been confirmed by simulations.

Neither Sono nor Continental wanted to comment on the value of the order, but there are media reports that it is several hundred million euros over the production period of the Sion. It is also said that 8800 reservations have already been placed for the vehicle.

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