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June 02, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Smaller, more sensitive camera sensors open up new applications
More and more applications in cars use cameras as sensors. The demands on the performance of the image sensors are increasing massively: high dynamic range, low light performance, avoidance of flickering due to LED lighting - all these are the requirements that car manufacturers and electronics suppliers make on the sensors. Omnivison has now introduced two new sensors that meet these requirements - but they are designed for very different applications.

The other new Omnivision product OX03C10 image sensor is qualified for safety-relevant applications up to ASIL level C. Examples are Surround View Systems and Rear View Cameras. According to Omnivision, it is the world’s first such sensor for viewing applications that combines a large 3.0 micron pixel size with a high dynamic range (HDR) of 140dB and the best LED flicker mitigation (LFM) performance for viewing applications with minimized motion artifacts. Other features include a high frame rate (60 fps) and a low power consumption (25% lower than the nearest competitor). These features combine with a very compact package that enable designers to place a vision camera in very tight places for styling considerations.

Basic image processing capabilities were also integrated into this sensor, including defect pixel correction and lens correction. Furthermore, the integration of OmniVision’s proprietary HALE (HDR and LFM engine) combination algorithm provides top HDR and LFM performance simultaneously. With such features, the OX03C10 is ideal for automotive viewing applications, including rearview cameras (RVC), surround view systems (SVS), camera monitoring systems (CMS) and e-mirrors.

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