Smart power distribution for future vehicle electrical systems

December 07, 2020 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Smart power distribution for the future vehicle electrical systems
Automated driving and the electrification of vehicles are accompanied by increasing demands on the vehicle electrical system of the future. In order to meet these functional safety requirements, a reliable power supply is needed in addition to a fundamentally optimized vehicle electrical system architecture. Leoni AG intends to contribute to this with a new generation of intelligent power distributors in combination with its comprehensive expertise in vehicle electrical systems and system solution competence.

In the future "software-defined car", numerous sensors, actuators, safety-relevant driving functions and other electronic systems must be permanently supplied with electrical energy - even in the event of voltage fluctuations, short circuits or (sub)system failures. Such a high level of safety of the on-board energy network can only be achieved with a reliable energy management system. This is where the intelligent power distributors from Leoni come into play.

The iPDS (intelligent Power Distribution Switch) and the iPDM (intelligent Power Distribution Module) prevent a possible total failure of the on-board power supply system by, among other things, actively switching on or off sub-systems or individual channels. Numerous other functions of the two components ensure the functionality of the overall vehicle electrical system, such as various protection and diagnostic functions of connected lines and the integrated undervoltage protection of the vehicle electrical system. In addition, the modular design of the components in terms of software architecture (without/with Autosar), communication interfaces (CAN or LIN), voltage levels (12, 24 or 48 volts) as well as the number and characteristics of the outputs allows easy integration into various types of vehicle electrical systems.

The use of iPDS and iPDM thus forms the basis for safe automated driving. Together with its know-how in the development and production of complete vehicle electrical systems, Leoni offers comprehensive expertise in intelligent power distribution and safe, reliable energy supply from a single source. This benefits automobile manufacturers who want to bring a highly available power supply system and automated driving to the road soon.

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