Smart Testsolutions, MicroNova combine technologies for fuel cell controller test

September 22, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Smart Testsolutions, MicroNova combine technologies for fuel cell controller test
In order to be able to offer car OEMs time and cost efficient test solutions for fuel cell control units, Smart Testsolutions GmbH (Stuttgart, Germany) and MicroNova (Vierkirchen, Germany) combine their know-how in the areas of fuel cell measurement technology and HiL applications.

Measurement technology specialist Smart Testsolutions has established itself as an established name among car manufacturers when it comes to monitoring electronics for fuel cells. One focus is on systems for controlling the individual cell voltages in fuel cells (Cell Voltage Monitoring/CVM). This also includes solutions for contacting the individual cells of a stack (Cell Voltage Pickup/CVP). The company also offers test technology that simulates the individual voltages of a fuel cell stack.

In order to enable manufacturers of fuel cell control units to carry out more extensive tests in the future, up to and including overall testing, the company has entered into a technological cooperation with the HiL specialist MicroNova. Their HiL simulator "NovaCarts Fuel Cell" was developed for the comprehensive testing of control units for fuel cells: NovaCarts Fuel Cell simulates the entire fuel cell stack as well as the environment of the corresponding control unit in the vehicle and can be extended for future technologies of FCCUs via firmware update. The versatile and scalable HiL system is suitable for securing new functions in control units for fuel cell stacks.

Smart Testsolutions and MicroNova will inform about their solutions as well as about technological cooperation at the f-Cell conference , Stuttgart (29 and 30 September 2020).


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