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May 21, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Smart tool chains make a significant contribution to green transport
Not only efficient engines and intelligent traffic control systems help to reduce the energy consumption of road traffic and thus harmful emissions. Smart tool chains can also have a positive impact. This is the result of the research project "Hy-Nets - Efficient hybrid drives through vehicle communication".

In order to investigate the interaction of real hardware and software of the hybrid drive with complex traffic scenarios, a combustion engine with an electric motor from Denso was set up as a prototype of a hybrid engine and installed in the test field of RWTH Aachen University. There, it was coupled with a powerful dSpace simulator, on which the vehicle model and the immediate vehicle environment of the hybrid vehicle are mapped in detail. The traffic flow and the entire V2X communication were simulated using the Veins simulator from the University of Paderborn. This made it possible to move the hybrid vehicle in complex simulated driving scenarios based on traffic data from the city of Paderborn and data from IGH for traffic signal control.

According to experts, the project shows that individual traffic can be made much more efficient and environmentally friendly by linking digital applications. With the resulting tool chain, more fuel-efficient hybrid drives can now be developed. In addition, the participants in the project were able to gain insights into how the traffic flow can be optimized by V2X connectivity of as many systems as possible.

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