Software analysis tool supports CAN interfaces

September 20, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Software analysis tool supports CAN interfaces
The T1 analysis suite from GLIWA embedded systems GmbH now supports all CAN interfaces from PEAK-System. This functionality is part of the T1-HOST-SW from version 3.2.0. The broad support of all CAN interfaces on the part of PEAK-System is made possible by the freely available PCAN-Basic API.

GLIWA is a provider of automotive ECU software analysis tools with focus on the analysis of runtime behavior, stack requirements, and memory accesses of embedded software. With the T1 analysis suite, GLIWA provides the system integrator and software developer with sophisticated tools for comprehensive resource analysis and timing verification.

In addition to the T1 timing suite, GLIWA, as a complete provider of solutions in the area of runtime protection and system analysis, also provides individual engineering solutions for the successful implementation of embedded software projects.

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