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June 23, 2017 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Software-defined car takes shape
How will the car of the future look like? Normally, this is the topic of board meetings in the automotive industry. At NXP’s ‘FTF Connects’ conference in San Jose it was the keynote topic of developers in the software and semiconductor industry. The common denominator: It will be silicon and software that will determine the vehicle of the future, but the challenges are enormous.
industry needs ways to handle software faults. “We know that software always has faults. Experience shows that 1000 lines of code typically contain 5 to 50 software faults,” adding that the diverse computers in today’s cars typically run software that amounts to dozens of millions of lines of code. “The Ford F150 – a popular pickup truck in the USA – has about 150 million of LOC,” (for comparison: the entire software of the Facebook platform contains just about 16 millions LOC). For cars running at autonomy level 5, Nahari expects some 500 million lines of code. Making such amounts of software safe obviously is not a trivial task. Cognomotiv, while still in stealth mode, might offer tools and processes to handle this problem. How these tools will look light is still a matter of the future. Cognomotiv will focus, towards this end, on deep learning and big data analytics to find these faults and neutralize them.

At the event, NXP announced collaborations with automotive software vendor Elektrobit and infotainment company Harman (see separate article ). With regard to NXPs BlueBox computing platform, NXP Automotive CTO Lars Reger said in an interview with eeNews that from his perspective the Bluebox platform certainly has enough computing horsepower for current and next-generation ADAS. For Level 4/ Level 5 autonomy, it will be necessary to further develop the platform. “An autonomous car can only be as good as its environmental sensing,” he said. For more powerful computing platforms, NXP now will rely on the merger with Qualcomm. “High performance systems will be an asset Qualcomm will contribute to the marriage,” he said.

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