Software optimizes E-Turbo integration with electrified drivetrains

September 11, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Software optimizes E-Turbo integration with electrified drivetrains
Automotive technology provider Garrett Motion Inc. has developed turbocharger boost control software that significantly improves turbocharger performance and function. It also contributes to the optimization of energy management in hybrid vehicles.

Building on Garret’s E-Turbo hardware and electronics for its operation, the manufacturer's latest generation of devices provides modular software control for the boost system that can be easily integrated into existing ECUs.

The software as such should contribute to optimizing the performance of the powertrain. In the context of electrification and vehicle complexity, however, Garrett believes that it is a key component in paving the technological way for forward-looking energy and powertrain optimization, as well as forecasting the condition and maintenance of vehicles.

Garrett's Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM) software can do more than just control turbocharger-engine interactions. It is a comprehensive solution that enables the detection of intermittent disturbances and anomalies in complex vehicle systems. In this way, the software can monitor the performance of all vehicle systems and components in real time, forecasting repairs and maintenance and initiating maintenance to avoid costly downtime and loss of productivity.


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