Software tool for developers of intelligent automotive cockpits

June 29, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Software tool for developers of intelligent automotive cockpits
With its new EB Cockpit System Solutions, software vendor Elektrobit supports car manufacturers in developing the next generation user experience; the services have being used by Sony to develop the state-of-the-art cockpit in the VISION-S vehicle prototype.

EB Cockpit System Solutions from software manufacturer Elektrobit provides vehicle manufacturers with solutions for intelligent digital automotive cockpits. The software supports the development of the next-generation in-vehicle user experience - from specification, design and concept through production engineering to the integration of hardware, software and third-party applications.

The routines and services combined in the package enable car manufacturers to outsource the development of individual cockpit designs to EB. Their experts enable OEMs to differentiate their vehicles without the investment and resources required for full in-house development and subsequent maintenance.

The background to the offering is the changing cockpit environment in the vehicle: drivers and passengers can interact with their vehicle as easily and seamlessly as they do with their smartphones and other smart devices. However, bringing this user experience into the cockpit is not easy. The task is complex and includes larger displays, voice interaction, augmented reality, access to cloud services, data from sensors etc. Specifying, designing, procuring and integrating the various hardware, software and services that bring these systems to life is time-consuming, resource-intensive and costly.

With EB Cockpit System Solutions, Elektrobit aims to provide OEMs with a one-stop shop for designing a state-of-the-art user experience for their customers. The software company promises to take full control of the development process, optimise every aspect and reduce the total cost of ownership. This means less specification work for individual cockpit components, less interoperability testing, fewer suppliers and fewer R&D requirements for the vehicle manufacturer. The company is building on its expertise in automotive software and services. EB's competencies include hypervisors, over-the-air updates, UX design, user interface development, Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and speech recognition. It also procures and integrates advanced displays with cutting-edge 3D glass and futuristic technology such as Amoled displays.

EB's collaboration with hardware and third-party software manufacturers also makes supply chain management easier for customers. EB Cockpit System Solutions

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