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June 18, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
“Software will become the decisive factor for the coming years”
Without software, the automotive market will not progress. In connection with automotive software the issue Safety & Security is increasingly becoming a major focus. Dirk Giesen, Vice President Sales EMEA at software development technology company Parasoft, explains the role of software in the new automotive era.

Thus, a software problem has a massive impact on the car as well as on the manufacturer’s and the model’s reputation. In order to eliminate a problem, it is not a simple "product recall" to the workshop, but open-heart surgery. Therefore, the type of quality assurance must also change. As more and more components exchange data, new development paradigms and different test methods are required. Safety and security by design are therefore essential and security must be the central motive in the software life cycle and thus in the quality process.

Last but not least, the introduction of more and more functionality - which is even possible through machine learning and artificial intelligence - makes classic software quality approaches like specific coding standards insufficient.

eeNews Europe: Looking at software architecture and production-line, what trends are emerging? 

Giesen: From a software perspective, we see similar developments in the automotive industry that have changed enterprise software over the last decade. API-based software architectures and modern operating systems (Linux) using IP-based communication - such as SOME/IP and DDS - form the basis of the new software architecture. In addition to the platform change, software development itself is moving from waterfall and V-model based verification to agile and test-driven development methods. This includes modern concepts such as CI (Continuous Integration) and possibly even CD (Continuous Deployment) of software components.

eeNews Europe: Speaking of CI/CD integration – how will this influence the software development process?

Giesen: CI/CD act like "steroids" for the software development process. The use of code analysis, unit testing and coverage become standard steps and are performed continuously. This makes it much easier for the teams to deal with the reports and achieve step-by-step improvements compared to the classic software process. Just as series production was the key to the manufacture of high-quality cars, CI/CD does the same for software production. Since we have already implemented this in our tools we are well prepared and can offer the necessary tools to ensure software quality for the automotive industry and its suppliers.

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