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June 18, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
“Software will become the decisive factor for the coming years”
Without software, the automotive market will not progress. In connection with automotive software the issue Safety & Security is increasingly becoming a major focus. Dirk Giesen, Vice President Sales EMEA at software development technology company Parasoft, explains the role of software in the new automotive era.

eeNews Europe: What is your view on the trend of more “owning the software development process” compared to “buying software based components from suppliers”?

Giesen: As software becomes the most important part of a modern vehicle and its digital ecosystem, we see that OEMs are building the knowledge and intellectual property for software development themselves. Just as building the engine has often been considered a core competency, this will be true for software in the next decade. Software will become the decisive factor for the coming years. You can see this, for example, from the fact that Volkswagen wants to increase the share of in-house developed software from 10 to 60% in the next five years.

eeNews Europe: How do OEMs and tier ones handle the verification and validation of safety-critical software?

Giesen: OEMs relied for a long time on the software development competence of their suppliers. This is changing now. As a result, OEMs are building up knowledge to have the whole software development process and the knowledge about the verification and validation process.

eeNews Europe: With rising auditory/compliance reporting needs, which solutions does your company offer?

Giesen: As mentioned above, Parasoft is an important supplier test tool for Autosar and ISO26262 compliance. The technology provides full and complete reporting of MISRA compliance (as well as security standards such as CERT). The tools for this are TÜV-certified and are supplied with a tool qualification kit.

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