ST speeds automotive electronics development with integrated toolset

February 10, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
ST speeds automotive electronics development with integrated toolset
Cars contain increasingly complex electronic functions. This also poses increasing challenges for developers of control units. In order to keep pace with the growing demands on development landscapes, STMicroelectronics (ST) has now introduced a set of new tools under the collective name AutoDevKit that are designed to increase developer productivity.

ST's AutoDevKit development system provides a new set of tools for creating working prototypes. The toolset is intended to replace the usual manual procedure as well as to support standardization aand design reuse. The free AutoDevKit library is a software environment that allows users to select microcontrollers and function boards from ST's broad automotive portfolio to easily create prototypes of automotive solutions.

After selecting the desired AutoDevKit components, users are guided through connecting the boards, generating the code, and compiling and downloading the firmware without forgetting to test and debug the prototype. A fundamental aspect of the AutoDevKit system is the availability of easy-to-use Application Program Interfaces (APIs) for controlling any supported function board and communicating with it.

"Automotive electronics designers are under immense pressure to achieve short time-to-market, and the rapid delivery of a credible feasibility study is also extremely important," says Marco Monti, President of STMicroelectronics' Automotive and Discrete Group. "Our AutoDevKit development system can reduce time to market by months over traditional prototype development. It allows users to focus on system functionality and delegate tasks such as device driver design.

The AutoDevKit software is part of the integrated design environment for ST's SPC5 series automotive microcontrollers.  The complete AutoDevKit development system includes the AutoDevKit Library Plugin as well as hardware development tools such as the AEK MCU Discovery and Functional Boards and the AEKD System Solution Demonstrators, which are optimized for automotive use.

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