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February 10, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
ST speeds automotive electronics development with integrated toolset
Cars contain increasingly complex electronic functions. This also poses increasing challenges for developers of control units. In order to keep pace with the growing demands on development landscapes, STMicroelectronics (ST) has now introduced a set of new tools under the collective name AutoDevKit that are designed to increase developer productivity.

The AEK tools include Discovery Boards for evaluating specific automotive microcontrollers and Functional Boards that help to quickly implement various functions such as motor control, LED lighting, power management, audio and connectivity. Each board has its own APIs for controlling features and communication, and no in-depth knowledge of the semiconductors used or their data sheets is required.

The AEKD System Solution Demonstrators provide direct access not only to the pre-built System Demonstrator Boards, but also to Board Kits and non-electronic hardware devices such as car-like components and loads to help users emulate the desired solution as closely as possible.

AutoDevKit is integrated into the SPC5 Studio software development environment and extends the functionality of the IDE with automatic pin assignment for the microcontroller and a board view editor designed specifically to help users connect multiple function boards to the microcontroller board. In the same way, the APIs are integrated with SPC5 Studio's machine-level drivers so that the generated code can be immediately ported to different microcontroller platforms.

ST intends to present the AutoDevKit technology at Embedded World: Hall 4A, booth 138).

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