SVEN shows new horizons in auto-mobility

March 06, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
SVEN shows new horizons in auto-mobility
At the Geneva Motor Show this week, numerous innovations in the field of automotive locomotion can be seen. Unlike in the past, however, the innovation no longer only points in the direction of sleek car bodies and more powerful combustion engines, but also in the direction of new mobility models. A typical example is SVEN, the Shared Electric Native vehicle: built for the city and for new usage models.

SVEN was developed by share2drive GmbH (Aachen, Germany). Founded as a spin-off of FH Aachen university, the company presented its first vehicle, SVEN. The design has been designed with urban traffic in mind, especially for use by carsharing and fleet operators. With a length of only 2.5 m, the locally emission-free car is designed for urban traffic and parking situations. At the same time, it offers a variable interior space with 2+1 seats or, with the rear seat folded down, a loading volume of 580 litres.

The electric motor, which drives the rear axle, has an output of 24 KW and accelerates the vehicle to a maximum of 120 kmph. The battery capacity of 20 kWh is sufficient for a range of 140 km according to WLTP.

SVEN is fully connected. The car comes with an app that not only enables carsharing users to find the current parking position, but also compares the desired route with the state of charge and gives appropriate charging recommendations. Users can store their profile, allowing them to set parameters such as the interior temperature, the desired seating position, the preferred audio playlist and more before setting off.

Thanks to the always-on principle and its specific IT structure, the vehicle supports optimum use of vehicle data and enables operator-specific solutions. For example, a fleet operator can define different function and price models and assign them to specific user groups. The categories stored in the vehicle can be used to establish staggered usage models.

The integrated sensors with radar and camera in conjunction with intelligent recognition and control software make SVEN "AD Ready", i.e. the vehicle is already designed for autonomous driving. This capability can then be enabled via an online command as soon as legal regulations and the business model allow it.


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