Sysgo, Tuxera create secure data handling platform for cars

July 18, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Sysgo, Tuxera create secure data handling platform for cars
Against the background of an increasing volume of data in cars worldwide, the software companies Sysgo and Tuxera want to jointly develop a high-performance and secure platform for data handling in automotive applications. Tuxera provides its Flash File System VelocityFS for the real-time operating system PikeOS from Sysgo.

Tuxera's VelocityFS is currently the only flash memory system that runs on all major automotive operating systems, including data-intensive real-time solutions. According to the manufacturer, the software is characterized by high-end performance with low CPU utilization and high read and write speeds. VelocityFS also prevents data corruption and loss while reducing flash memory degradation. In addition, the Flash File System provides increased security through its multi-level encryption combined at the user and group levels.

Sysgo's PikeOS is currently the only real-time operating system with Common Criteria EAL3+ certification for its hypervisor. It provides MILS-compliant security at the architectural level while being ISO 26262 certified, combining physical and IT security. The operating system's central kernel separates multiple applications, providing a high level of security within the hypervisor platform. The combination of VelocityFS and PikeOS should therefore enable significant improvements in speed, reliability and performance in the software stack, paving the way for sophisticated data-driven applications for automotive manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers.

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