TDK extends range of capacitors for automotive applications

June 02, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
TDK extends range of capacitors for automotive applications
TDK Corp. has added two new series to its range of hybrid polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Typical applications include bidirectional converters for 48V vehicle electrical systems, engine inverters for hybrid drives, electric power steering systems, electric turbochargers, transmission control systems or coolant pumps.

The Japanese manufacturer now offers two series of hybrid polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors in axial design. The B40600* / B40700* series is suitable for rated voltages of 25 V and 35 V. This covers a capacitance range from 780 µF to 2200 µF. With the B40640* / B40740* series, capacitors in the 63 V voltage class are also available with capacitance values from 390 µF to 720 µF.

The capacitors are produced in four can sizes from 14 x 25 mm to 16 x 30 mm (D x H). They are available in axial-lead design (B406*) or as solder star design (B407*). The internal structure of all hybrid polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors in axial design is optimized for thermal connection to a heat sink. The stable mechanical design enables a long-term and reliable connection to the heat sink, which results in good heat dissipation. For designs with heatsink, both series offer versions without heat shrink; for free-standing mounting, components with PET heat shrink are available.

Both series are designed for a wide operating temperature range from -55°C to +150°C with a lifetime of 4000 h at 125°C. However, the main advantage of the hybrid polymer technology is the extremely low ESR values over the wide temperature range. For example, with a cup size of 16 x 30 mm and an ambient temperature of 20°C, an ESR of 3.5 mΩ can be achieved.

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