Telematics box monitors fleet car conditions

October 13, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Telematics box monitors fleet car conditions
For applications in the fields of car sharing and rental fleet management, Globalmatix AG has developed a Telecommunications Control Unit (TCU) interface that helps fleet operators to manage such services and securely collect relevant vehicle and contract data from the car.

The range of services includes enabled by globalmatix’ TCU interface device includes continuous technical diagnosis of the entire vehicle, early detection of impending defects, as well as the detection of minor damage and – with the help of artificial intelligence – the reporting thereof in a damage report including a calculation of the cost of the damage. Thanks to individual data acquisition and reporting tailored to the operator’s particular needs.

According to Globalmatics – a subsidiary of industrial automation expert Softing AG - up to 90% of all minor accidents are not discovered when rental cars are returned as the car bumper has sprung back into its original state and position. This is problematic as this area can be subject to quite considerable damage. The xTCU interface detects this damage and, using the software developed by GlobalmatiX partner Spearhead AG, Zurich, provides an individual damage report based on the vehicle model which includes an estimate of the costs of the damage within seconds. This estimate is based on millions of historic and recent accident and assessor data from expert organization DEKRA SE.

The xTCU Gateway is a 4G/LTE/5G CAN data logger and GPS telematics interface specially developed for Car-to-Cloud-to-Company use cases. It is smaller than a smartphone and can be installed in any vehicle with little effort, thus enabling the acquisition of OBD data or diagnostic data from the vehicle ECUs. The telematics box enables access to a wide range of vehicle data, regardless of the vehicle brand. With its innovative encryption technology and proprietary 4G/LTE/5G wireless network, the device offers an unprecedented level of security against unauthorized access by third parties, the vendor promises. It can acquire and analyze virtually all data measured by the vehicle’s ECUs, supplemented by state-of-the-art GPS tracking, and transmit the information to the vehicle operator almost in real time. With the help of artificial intelligence in the Cloud, a qualified analysis of vehicle data,

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