Is there a future for the MOST bus?

October 01, 2014 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Is there a future for the MOST bus?
In no other domain in the car, the technological evolution is advancing more rapidly than in the infotainment sector. Nevertheless, the MOST data networking technology seems to maintain its position as the king of the infotainment networking hill - though its latest iteration, MOST150 has been introduced already seven years ago. But for how long?

eeNews Europe: Is the MOST technology included in all-new vehicle designs?

Dieter Seidl: Yes, of course. In the S-Class that was introduced last year, MOST was the network technology for the infotainment. Recently we rolled out the C-Class with MOST. We also announced publicly that we are committed to MOST. E-Class, SUVs as well the A and B compact class vehicles currently under development will come with MOST. It will also play a role in vehicle generations to come. It is a valid component of our networking concept, not just an option.

eeNews Europe: Does Daimler have a roadmap for the future development of MOST? If yes, how does it look like?

Seidl: The current generation is MOST150, which includes the capability of Ethernet integration. The Ethernet channel is already used in our systems since the introduction of the Mercedes S-Class last year.

In terms of further development, we are currently busy stabilising this version at the process level. The next steps will focus on cost-down optimisation. For future MOST generations we won't support Gigabit versions.

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