TI brings DLP technology to automotive headlight systems

January 10, 2018 // By Ally Winning
TI brings DLP technology to automotive headlight systems
Texas Instruments used the CES exhibition to bring programmability and high resolution to automotive headlights through the company’s DLP technology.

The new DLP chipset features over a million pixels in each headlight, a number that TI claims beats existing adaptive driving beam (ADB) systems by over 10,000 times. ADB systems are designed to allow the development of headlighting systems that can maximise the drivers visibility while cutting glare to oncoming traffic.


TI’s DLP chip set has been designed to work with all light sources used for headlights, including LEDs and lasers. The DLP technology will allow automotive designers to create lighting systems with precise lighting control and customisable beam patterns. The technology is software programmable to get the maximum lighting performance using smaller optics.


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