TI integrates driver, power management into GaN FET

November 09, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
TI integrates driver, power management into GaN FET
With a new generation of gallium nitride field effect transistors (GaN FETs) with nominal voltages of 650 V and 600 V, Texas Instruments is targeting primarily automotive applications. Featuring integrated, fast switching 2.2 MHz gate drivers, these GaN FET families are designed to help engineers double power density and reduce the size of power inductors by 59% compared to existing solutions.

Automotive electronics designers are faced with the challenge of creating compact and lightweight automotive systems without compromising the performance of the cars. TI's new automotive GaN FETs can help deliver on the manufacturer's promise to reduce the dimensions of on-board chargers and DC/DC converters of electric vehicles by up to 50% compared to existing Si or SiC solutions. This will allow designers to achieve greater range per battery charge, increased system reliability and lower design costs.

In densely populated applications with high voltages, minimising the PCB area is an important design criterion. One way to achieve this is through higher integration. This is also the case with the new GaN-FETs from TI. They include a fast switching driver and internal protection and temperature sensing functions, enabling them to reduce the board area of their power management designs. This integration, combined with the high-power density of TI's GaN technology, allows engineers to eliminate the more than 10 components typically required in discrete solutions. In addition, each of the new 30mΩ FETs supports up to 4 kW of power in half-bridge configurations.

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