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September 28, 2016 // By Julien Happich
During the Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day organized in Paris by the IEEE Standards Association, Time-Sensitive Networks (TSN) were all the rage.

On the Avnu Alliance booth, Ixia, Renesas and the InterOperability Laboratory from the University of New Hampshire (UNH-IOL) showed the results of Avnu's first Plug-fest for the pre-emption TSN feature, enabling different solution providers to check for the AVB/TSN interoperability of their solutions. Here, they were running an IEEE 802.3br Pre-emption interoperability and performance demo.

Illustrating the Ethernet TSN pre-emption feature (source – Avnu).

Product specialist for automotive Ethernet at network test equipment provider Ixia and a member of the Avnu Alliance (an industry consortium driving open, standards-based deterministic networking based on IEEE 802 AVB/TSN), Bogdan Tenea told eeNews Europe that a certification program for automotive AVB devices would be launching soon, with a pilot currently in progress. Mid-September, the Avnu Alliance announced the availability of its Automotive Ethernet AVB Functional and Interoperability Specification (derived from the Avnu Automotive Profile). The document defines a common baseline among multiple standard options within the Ethernet AVB set of standards, with additional functionality required by automotive devices. The Avnu Automotive certification program is the logical next step.


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