Toyota develops fuel cell truck with Hino

March 23, 2020 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Toyota develops fuel cell truck with Hino
Toyota Motor Corp. is now developing a fuel cell truck: In cooperation with Hino Motors, the commercial vehicle specialist within the Toyota Group, a 25-tonne truck is being built that will cover around 600 kilometres without emitting CO2 or pollutants. The technical basis is provided by the drive system from the Toyota Mirai sedan.

Electrification is particularly important in heavy-duty traffic: in Japan alone, heavy trucks are responsible for around 60 percent of the CO2 emissions of commercial vehicles; in other countries the situation is not much different. The challenge is to reconcile economy, sustainability and practical benefits. The trucks, which are often used over long distances, must offer sufficient range and load capacity, while at the same time not being able to make long refueling stops. For this reason, Toyota and Hino are relying on the fuel cell drive and the high energy density of hydrogen.

The chassis of the fuel cell truck based on the Hino Profia was adapted for this type of drive. Extensive weight savings enable a high loading capacity. Thanks to two fuel cell stacks, which have already been developed for the next generation of the Toyota Mirai, the range is expected to be 600 kilometers. In driving mode, hydrogen is converted into electrical energy that drives an electric motor. The only emission produced is water vapor. When the tank is empty, the hydrogen containers can be refilled within a few minutes. Market observers see this capability as a major advantage over battery vehicles, which usually take several hours to recharge. The challenge with fuel cell technology, on the other hand, is to make the high-pressure tanks stable and leak-proof. A tank with a pressure of Mega-Pascal (MPa) is planned for the planned fuel cell truck.

Toyota and Hino are thus taking the next step: Both companies have been researching fuel cell technology for more than 15 years and see hydrogen as an important energy source of the future. Already in 2003 Toyota and Hino have jointly developed and tested a fuel cell bus. In the future, both companies will further deepen their partnership and accelerate their efforts to realize a hydrogen society.

Fuel cell technology and its introduction in freight transport will make an important contribution to the

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