Trench Schottky rectifiers target fast switching applications

May 18, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Trench Schottky rectifiers target fast switching applications
Nexperia extends its portfolio of Trench Schottky rectifiers with AEC-Q101 approved devices rated at up to 100 V and 20 A. The new parts feature excellent switching behavior and leading thermal performance.

Trench technology results in low leakage and also greatly reduces the charge, Q rr, stored in the device. Therefore, Trench Schottky rectifiers deliver very fast switching, cutting both the switching losses of the rectifier and the losses that are induced in the MOSFET in the same commutation cell – a configuration that is commonly used in asynchronous switch-mode power converters. Nexperia’s PMEGxxxTx devices additionally promise to provide a wide safe operating area (SOA), delivering an extra safety margin and reducing the risk of thermal runaway compared to parts currently available.

The semiconductor company is investing in its portfolio of Trench Schottky rectifiers, now offering 32 devices from 40 V to 100 V and up to 15 A in volume production. A further 17 parts, including the 20 A types, are sampling. The PMEGxxxTx devices are  housed in  Clip Bond FlatPower packages  CFP3/5/15(B). These size- and thermally-efficient packages have become the industry standard for power diodes. By featuring a solid copper clip, the packages’ thermal resistance is reduced and transfer of heat into the ambient environment is optimized, allowing small and compact PCB designs.


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