Two new Autosar releases improve interoperability

January 28, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Two new Autosar releases improve interoperability
The Autosar development partnership has published two new releases: R4.4.0 of the Autosar Classic Platform and R18-10 of Autosar Adaptive. The new releases offer vehicle software developers greater functionality, better program interoperability and additional data security.

Autosar Classic Platform Release R4.4.0 includes among other things an extended serialization for data structures in SOME/IP with tag, length, and value coding (TLV). It simplifies communication and improves compatibility between the Autosar Classic Platform and the Adaptive Platform. In addition, Transport Layer Security (TLS) allows the use of services in non-vehicle environments.

One of the major achievements in the Autosar Adaptive Platform R18-10 is the support of Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) for secure data communications. Cryptographic security services are used to protect communications over IP networks. Encryption provided by these services enables more secure communication between Adaptive Platforms and their surrounding platforms.

Publication R18-10 also includes better support for Diagnostics over Internet Protocols (DoIP) according to ISO 13400-x. The basic DoIP services are implemented to support routing activities. Services are also available to provide Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Power Mode and Group Identification (GID). Another modification of R18-10 is the specification of the network binding to support the Data Distribution Service (DDS) protocol.

According to the development partnership, the most important feature of R18-10 is the harmonization of Classic Platform and Adaptive Platform, which allows the network management protocol to use the network management across platforms. In addition, the first step of time sync harmonization introduced a unique time base for all units of both platforms.

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