Ultra-high speed chipset offers long range PCIe connectivity

September 10, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Ultra-high speed chipset offers long range PCIe connectivity
With a new chipset, Valens, semiconductor designer who specializes in in-vehicle connectivity, is overcoming the limits of what was previously possible: The VA608A offers a bandwidth of 16 Gbps at high PCIe range. The VA608A is also the first chipset to offer 2.5Gbps Ethernet connectivity over a single unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable with near zero latency.

The VA608A's concept of long-range PCIe connectivity (up to 15 metres) allows OEMs and suppliers to leverage a wide range of existing components without the need for a complete redesign of the vehicle architecture. This leads to reduced costs and less cabling complexity. At the same time, more powerful technologies can be used with higher speed and functionality. Valens PCIe transmission technology is designed for a wide range of automotive applications, including telematics, intelligent multiband smart antennas (5G, WLAN, WiGig, BT, etc.), ECU-to-ECU connectivity and shared storage/blackbox storage. In addition, significant optimizations can be achieved in energy-efficient and high-speed backbone architectures.

According to the manufacturer, Valens technology has been specially developed to handle extreme electromagnetic and environmental interference. The VA608A is an ASIC prototype available now.

The launch of the VA608A follows the decision by the MIPI Alliance to use Valens technology as the basis for the A-PHY standard for ultra-high-speed in-car video transmission. The A-PHY specification defines an asymmetric physical layer for the automotive industry to provide high-speed connectivity for cameras, displays and sensors via native CSI-2 and DSI/DSI-2 interfaces - especially in the field of autonomous driving. The selection of Valens' technology by MIPI followed an evaluation process during which different solutions were tested and analyzed by MIPI member companies.

The final specification is expected to be completed by the end of 2019. MIPI A-PHY will thus become the first standard for asymmetric high-speed data transmission on the market.


More information: https://www.valens.com/


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