Unex V2X system portfolio supports both C-V2X and DSRC

March 13, 2019 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Unex V2X system
The V2X system provider Unex has introduced the second generation of its V2X control units. The dual-mode (DSRC/C-V2X) systems are based on the Craton2/Pluton2 chipset from Autotalks.

The Unex product architecture is modular and can be implemented either as an independent V2X communication unit or in an integrated telematics unit. Unex’s V2X SOM is a physically isolated V2X solution that ensures domain separation between security (V2X) and telematics (V2N). The separation of the V2X subsystem from the Cellular NAD (Network Access Device) is crucial for the reliable and secure operation of the security system. Unexs SOM is designed to enable V2X on different platforms and implements the isolated V2X subsystem according to the Autotalks and MediaTek common reference design presented at MWC 2019.

V2X protocol software previously had to be created and verified per platform and project, resulting in double the effort. The Unex V2Xcast solution now offers a turnkey V2X communication service for V2X applications. This allows application developers to focus on application development without having to worry about the underlying technology, dramatically shortening time-to-market while reducing development and testing costs, the manufacturer advertises.

More information: https://www.unex.com.tw/products/dsrc-v2x/solutions/v2x-system

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