V2X platform helps preventing two-wheeler accidents

September 06, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
V2X platform helps preventing two-wheeler accidents
The V2X technology provider Autotalks is launching ZooZ, a platform for preventing bike and scooter accidents with the use of V2X. The company is already in discussions with manufacturing and integration partners in order to implement the platform.

With ZooZ, Autotalks is condensing existing V2X solutions to mitigate the rise in accidents involving two-wheelers. The ZooZ concept platform is based on a V2X device and a smart sign. The compact device is installed on the handlebar of many – ideally all - types of bikes and scooters, electric and non-electric. It alerts when a vehicle equipped with V2X is endangering a cyclist and informs other V2X equipped vehicles and accordingly equipped roadsigns about the existence of the cyclist. The ZooZ device is intended to be integrated into bike computers. The smart roadsign alerts drivers, even those without V2X, when a bike or scooter with a device is entering an intersection. All road-users, including cars, bikers, scooters, motorcycles, and pedestrians will communicate with each other through V2X to form a safety network.

The ZooZ device is expected to handle a wide variety of use cases, including scenarios such as blind spot alert, bike ahead alert, intersection safety and group communication. The blind spot alert use case prevents a scenario of a car turning right and cutting the bike lane. The bike ahead alert prevents a scenario of a driver being surprised by a bike hidden behind a curve on a countryside or mountain road. In the intersection safety use case, the platform prevents a scenario of a driver turning right or left while failing to see the cyclist entering the intersection. The group communication allows for a safe and simple exchange of messages between a group of cyclists.

The ZooZ smart sign will be designed for installation at intersections. The sign lights up when a V2X equipped bike or scooter is approaching the intersection, and it alerts all drivers, even those without V2X. It is expected to be low-cost, and simple to install and to maintain. The sign does not require line-of-sight to the cyclists.

Autotalks recently conducted a research study with the Ben Gurion University of the Negev

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