VDO ContiSys Check reads TPMS data

March 05, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
VDO ContiSys Check reads TPMS data
Automotive supplier Continental offers through its VDO brand a service test device which reads out the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) sensor data. In addition, the device offers all the basic functionality implemented in the ContiSys Check product family, inlcuding brake and double clutch transmission checks, Common Rail injector coding and service reset. In addition, the device offers relevant information for the exchange of wheel-based sensors such as tightening torque and spare part numbers.

Tire pressure strongly affects the fuel consumption and safety. In order to reduce CO2 emission and minimize safety risks caused by low tire pressure, a TPMS system is becoming mandatory for new vehicle models throughout Europe.

In order to facilitate service works related to TPMS systems, the ContiSys Check TPMS is equipped with an RF module that can receive and decode TPMS sensor data. The device displays and stores data generated by the sensors such as pressure, temperature and battery status. In addition, these data also can be accessed through the OBD interface. The difference between the new ContiSys Check TPMS and the basic model lies in its added software functionality and the screw-on TOMS frequency module. The latter also accommodates the rechargeable battery, providing up to two hours of autonomy.

Continental believes that car service shops and tire shops in the future will increasingly encounter TMPS in their everyday work. These sensors are powered through an internal battery which is designed for an operational lifetime of some seven years. When it is exhausted, the entire sensor module must be replaced. In most cases, the battery status cannot be read out through the OBD interface. Continental's new tire pressure check device enables workshops to direct their customer's attention to the weakening battery. Thus, drivers can avoid the sensor's failure which would involve costly replacement works and additional workshop visits.

For more information, visit www.vdo.de/contisys


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