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November 16, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Velodyne introduces affordable automotive lidar sensor
Velodyne, the company most known for its hat-like, rotating lidar sensor on top of many robot vehicle prototypes, has now introduced such as sensor that has been designed for series production cars and trucks. Target application of the new Velarray H800 solid-state lidar sensor are navigation and collision avoidance in ADAS and autonomous mobility applications.

The Velarray H800 is Velodyne’s first new sensor to be launched since the company went public on September 30, 2020. The sensor kicks off the next generation of the company’s solid state lidar portfolio. It complements and leverages Velodyne’s expertise in innovating, building and delivering lidar technology.

“The launch of the Velarray H800 lidar sensor, which is the first in a family of solid state lidars we will be releasing publicly, is important to automakers for three reasons,” said Anand Gopalan, Velodyne Lidar CEO. “First, the Velarray H800 was specifically designed for high volume automotive applications with feedback from leading OEM customers. It uses Velodyne’s global network of high-quality manufacturing partnerships that provide the high quantity automakers need. Second, Velodyne’s proprietary technology and experience, combined with our manufacturing capacity, allow us to offer the sensor at a price that makes economic sense for automakers. Third, the world needs enhanced safety in consumer vehicles and the Velarray product line makes that available to end consumers creating safer roadways and cars for all.”

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