Versatile DC/DC controller suits automotive, industrial applications

August 03, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Versatile DC/DC controller suits automotive, industrial applications
Ricoh Electronic Devices has launched the R1260 series, a high-voltage buck DC/DC controller optimized for use in automotive and industrial applications. The R1260 series is a buck DC/DC controller which has a wide input voltage range of 5.0 V to 60 V and maximum rating of 80 V. The output voltage is externally configurable.

Today, a variety of batteries are used in automotive applications. In Europe, the number of automobiles adopting a 48 V mild hybrid system is increasing, while 24 V batteries are widely used in commercial cars. In addition, Li-ion-battery-powered micro mobility’s, including electric bicycles and kick scooters, are widely spreading. All of them need to step down a 48 V to another voltage.

The R1260 series, thanks to its high operating voltage up to 60 V, can directly step down such a high voltage to a source voltage for devices used in automotive and industrial applications such as an MCU, an SoC and sensors. The R1260 series is a controller-type IC which requires an external FET, so you can choose an optimal FET according to the usage. Besides, to convert a voltage efficiently even at light load, the IC has a function to switch VFM (Variable Frequency Modulation) and PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) modes according to load current. This enables the IC and systems to achieve high-efficiency operation at both heavy and light load conditions. The over current protection is user-selectable from the following two types: the hiccup type which is automatically released after removal of the abnormality, and the latch type which requires some manipulations such as re-inputting a power. Moreover, for use with safety and security, the IC includes various functional mechanisms such as under- and over-voltage protections, under-voltage lockout and thermal shutdown functions.

Also, the spread spectrum clock generator (SSCG) which suppresses the peak of radiation noise will help reduce the risk of failing to pass EMI testing and the number of components for EMI countermeasures. All of the features make the R1260 series an easy-to-use DC/DC controller. The R1260 will be manufactured in our Yashiro Plant (Kato City, Hyogo Prefecture). The new IC adopts lead-pin-type, easy-to-mount HSOP-18 package. In addition, it is going to be an applicable product of our Product Longevity Program, which maintains the product

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