Virtual event looks at security in autonomous vehicles

July 07, 2020 // By Ally Winning
“The Autonomous” and Infineon hosted a virtual Chapter event on the future of safe autonomous mobility.
“The Autonomous” and Infineon hosted a virtual Chapter event on the future of safe autonomous mobility.

The event co-hosted by the two companies featured a variety of speakers on the virtual stage. The panellists were chosen from Continental, Austrian Institute of Technology, Vector, Secunet, Integrity Security Services and Argus Cyber Security. Over 200 registered participants took part.

“For the autonomous vehicle of the future, security has to be defined from the start in the right way,” said Ricky Hudi, Chairman of The Autonomous. “Autonomous driving broadens the automotive landscape and reorganizes how the industry works together. With The Autonomous as an open ecosystem, we are trying to reduce the complexity and to align in key aspects.”

The virtual event covered major challenges for the secure autonomous car of the future. It broadened the coverage to look at the perspective from carmakers and suppliers to insurers, regulatory bodies and customers.

Markus Tschersich, Manager Security, Privacy Standardization & Regulatory Affairs at Continental, Harry Knechtel, Head of Production, Division Industry at Secunet, and Christoph Schmittner, Scientist at the Austrian Institute of Technology discussed the fundamentals and activities on security and the two speakers agreed:

A considerable amount of efforts is needed into developing and aligning relevant cybersecurity standards in order to meet the needs for ensuring future automated vehicles are secure and safe

  • Over-the-air-updates have to consider:

    • regulatory compliance

    • overall safety effect on the vehicle

    • user-friendliness

  • Balance has to be ensured between

    • a minimum set of security requirements (defined from standardization bodies)

    • performance of future embedded hardware

    • the efficiency of the security algorithms

Eduard Metzker, Manager Automotive Cyber Security Solution at Vector, and Shiran Ezra, Product Director at Argus Cyber Security looked at the challenges and opportunities of security and talked about:

  • Secure boot and authentic communication approaches

  • How complementary approaches are needed to ensure the safety of highly connected vehicles

  • The use of Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), that have been widely used in the IT-security landscape, for connected vehicles

In 2020, several Chapter Events by the Autonomous tackle

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