Virtual reference platform to anchor Linux in the car

September 28, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Virtual reference platform to anchor Linux in the car
The software company OpenSynergy has published a reference platform with a virtual AGL operating system (Automotive Grade Linux). The platform is intended for the vehicle cockpit - but what are the prospects for AGL in central or domain computers?

The software reference platform now presented consists of the virtual, i.e. hardware-independent AGL operating system running on a pre-configured COQOS Hypervisor SDK from the same manufacturer. This SDK includes the latest devices available according to the VIRTIO standard. Members of the AGL project can integrate their applications on this reference platform and develop a cockpit controller for evaluation purposes.

Automotive Grade Linux is a collaborative open source project. It is developing a fully open Linux-based software stack for the connected car. Many OEMs and suppliers support the project because they expect AGL to become a de facto standard for the automotive industry. Members include OEMs Ford, Mercedes-Benz and virtually all Japanese manufacturers. Among the tier-one suppliers, Bosch, Continental and Denso are on board. Companies from the semiconductor industry such as Arm, Intel, Nvidia, NXP and Renesas are also in the big AGL boat.

In recent years, AGL has adopted the open source Virtual I/O Device (VIRTIO) standard. This device sharing framework is already well established in the cloud environment and is now gaining traction in the automotive industry. "For future cockpit architectures, we recognise the trend towards consolidation of multiple functions. That's why virtualisation has become a high priority for Automotive Grade Linux," said Dan Cauchy, Executive Director of AGL.

The VIRTIO standard is maintained by the OASIS Open Consortium. OEMs and suppliers achieve maximum flexibility through the VIRTIO framework, which consists of being able to switch between SoCs and hypervisors to best suit their needs.

OpenSynergy's virtual platform COQOS Hypervisor SDK offers, according to the vendor, the most mature VIRTIO framework and thus optimally supports the virtualisation of open source operating systems such as Automotive Grade Linux. The trial version for AGL, which has now been released, provides a configured COQOS Hypervisor SDK that is deployed on the AGL operating system.

AGL members can use the software on the current hardware provided by

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