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October 10, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Vitesco supplies e-drive for PSA and Hyundai large series models
Continental's recently spun off Powertrain Division, Vitesco Technologies, is starting its independence with two success stories: The company will supply the fully integrated drive system for several high-volume PSA and Hyundai vehicle models.

Thanks to intensive optimization work over several product generations, Vitesco's developers succeeded in making the integrated engine unit consisting of engine, transmission and power electronics more compact and lighter than previous generations. The weight of the axle drive is less than 80 kilograms, the electric motor and the power electronics are liquid-cooled. In addition, an electric parking lock has been integrated into the transmission as a new function. In addition, the intelligent combination of the individual components - keyword integration - has eliminated the need for numerous plug connections and cables, which lowers costs.

Vitesco's e-drive integrates liquid-cooled power electronics.

The drive unit is available in power ratings from 100 to 150 kW. In the more powerful version with an output of 150 kW and a maximum torque of 310 Nm, the new electric axle drive should be comparable to a conventional 2-litre turbo diesel engine.

Vitesco will manufacture the new axle drive in China, close to customers in what is currently the largest and fastest growing market for electric vehicles. It will also allow the company to benefit from the Tianjin plant's experience with electric drive technologies, whose highly automated production facilities guarantee high volumes and outstanding quality. Today, the company is one of the few system providers able to supply complete electrification from a single source. The portfolio ranges from technologies for 48-volt electrification and central components for hybrid drives to purely battery-powered drive systems.


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