Vodafone and Ford test digital parking guidance system

July 01, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Vodafone and Ford test digital parking guidance system
In large cities, the search by drivers for a free parking space now accounts for up to 30% of the entire road traffic. However, the problem is by no means caused solely by the lack of free parking spaces but by the lack of available timely information. As part of a research collaboration, Ford and Vodafone try to solve the problem by using sensor-equipped parking lots and mobile phones.

The digital parking guidance system developed by Ford and Vodafone informs the driver in the car about the number of free parking spaces in the surrounding multi-storey car parks. The technology then navigates the driver directly to the available parking spaces. This saves time and relieves city traffic.

The system automatically updates itself continuously in real time based on data directly from the parking spaces. The digital parking guidance system is currently being tested on the KoMoD test field in Düsseldorf (Germany).

Vehicles and parking spaces communicate via mobile radio. Thanks to V2X mobile communications technology - meaning the C-V2X variant, which in contrast to the competing IEEE 802.11p standard also uses mobile communications infrastructures – the cars receive all road condition and car park information from a central computer system. If a traffic accident occurs on the route to a free parking space, or if a car park is suddenly busy, the driver receives direct recommendations on the dashboard display to drive to alternative parking spaces.

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