Volkswagen, Google collaborate on quantum computing applications

November 07, 2017 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Volkswagen, Google collaborate on quantum computing applications
Volkswagen Group and Google have announced extensive research cooperation in the field of quantum computing at the "Web Summit 2017" (Lisbon) technology conference. In the future, both companies will jointly test the use of quantum computers. They want to expand their specialist knowledge and carry out application-oriented research.

As part of the cooperation, a team of specialists from Volkswagen and Google is working on a Google quantum computer. These computers can solve certain highly complex tasks much faster than conventional supercomputers or even make a solution possible in the first place.

Volkswagen's work on the quantum computer will focus on three main areas The specialists want to further develop traffic optimization, simulate material structures for high-performance electric vehicle batteries and new materials, and work on artificial intelligence with new machine learning methods. In this context, Volkswagen Chief Information Office Martin Hofmann described quantum computer technology as an "acceleration track for future topics".

The collaboration focuses on application-oriented research. Specialists from the Volkswagen Information Technology Centers (IT-Labs) in San Francisco and Munich are developing algorithms, simulations and optimizations together with Google experts. They are working on a so-called universal quantum computer from Google. Its architecture is suitable for many experimental calculations.

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