Volkswagen ID.4: Light is the new chrome

September 22, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Volkswagen ID.4 impresses with light instead of chrome
If you as a car designer also want to set a visual sign for the beginning of a new era, you have to come up with something. Especially when it comes to the dawning of the age of electric mobility. Just like Volkswagen with its ID.4, to which the company’s hopes are pinned. Instead of chrome applications on every corner, as in the past, the ID.3 shines with its lighting design: LEDs everywhere.

In the past, car designers wanted to set accents but often used chrome details and trims. For some years now, the trend has also been towards new lighting elements both inside and outside. "Light is the new chrome", explains Klaus Zyciora, Head of Design Volkswagen Group and former Head of Design of the Volkswagen brand. "Light plays a particularly important role, especially in an electric car. It stands for energy and electricity, but also for warmth and safety".

Following this philosophy, Zyciora and his team have created a specific lighting design for the ID.4. The front headlamps are largely fitted with LED technology as standard. The rear lights are completely fitted with LEDs, and a red light strip connects them together. An additional lighting element is located in the housings of the exterior mirrors: projection luminaires concealed there cast a diamond pattern, the typical ID design motif, when the doors are opened. models, on the floor.

LED matrix headlights are available as an option. Their lighting modules each consist of eleven individual LEDs that can be switched off and dimmed separately. In this way, they emit a software-controlled continuous main beam that always illuminates the road as brightly as possible without dazzling other road users.

Even before the start, the light modules communicate with the driver: if he approaches the car with the key, they swivel electrically from bottom to top, thus imitating a "blink of an eye".

For the first time for the Volkswagen brand, so-called 3D LED taillights are used for the ID.4. The taillight has a three-dimensional effect, with nine light guides each emitting a rich red tone. Each of these discs, which are made up of multiple thin layers, stands freely in the room against a black background. To welcome and bid farewell to the driver, rapid animations run in the luminaires. Customers can switch between two design stagings. In addition, the 3D LED taillights integrate

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