Volkswagen unveils plans for next gen electric car, digital future

March 08, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Volkswagen unveils plans for next gen electric car, digital future
The global trend towards decarbonisation as well as the increasing competition from digital challengers has already triggered a number of changes at Volkswagen. Now the vehicle manufacturer is shifting up another gear: in addition to a new platform, a new corporate strategy is to accelerate the transformation towards digitalisation.

Trinity - that was the test programme for the first atomic bomb in the Second World War. Today, Volkswagen is using this name for a more peaceful purpose: Trinity is the development name of the next generation of vehicles. In this case, the name Trinity goes back to three technology-driven elements that will shape the character of this generation of vehicles. These are a new vehicle platform, autonomous driving and a new approach to digitally connecting the car with its infrastructure during production and afterwards.

The car that gives Trinity its name is to be mass-produced from 2026. The fact that it has an all-electric drive is probably not a big surprise. What is more interesting is that Trinity will no longer be based on Volkswagen's successful MEB vehicle platform, but on a further development that allows higher battery capacities and thus greater ranges; there is currently talk of more than 600 kilometres. In addition, the new vehicle should also be able to be charged much faster than current electric models such as the ID3 or ID4. Another important aspect is that Trinity is to be "suitable for the masses" in terms of price. What the car will look like is still largely in the dark. Volkswagen has so far shown an outline that hints at its shape more than it reveals it. It will probably be an elongated hatchback sedan, with a size somewhere between the ID.3 and the planned electric Passat Aero-B.

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