VW starts OTA update scheme for ID. family

July 05, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
VW starts OTA update scheme for ID. Family
Tesla, BMW and other car manufacturers are already doing it. Now Volkswagen has also caught on and is offering software updates over the air. The vehicle manufacturer is even going one step further than just installing bug fixes and new operating system versions.

Starting this summer, Volkswagen plans to regularly roll out OTA software updates to the models in its ID. electric family. The company thus claims to be the first volume manufacturer to make this technology widely available to customers. In doing so, the carmaker does not just want to iron out software bugs and achieve gradual improvements. No, it is going a big step further: with the software updates, the company is creating the conditions for completely new business models. Volkswagen even plans to establish a fixed update rhythm, the vehicle software is to be updated every twelve weeks.

The prelude is the ID.3: the latest software version "ID.Software 2.3" is to be delivered to customers of VW’s so-called "First Movers Club" via mobile data transfer in July 2021. The update contains adjustments and improvements to operation, performance and comfort. Updates for all ID.3, ID.4 and ID.4 GTX3 customers will follow successively.

The first update for the ID. models first offers a series of functional improvements. Among other things, it includes enhanced functionalities of the ID. Light, optimised environment recognition and dynamic high beam control, improved operability and design adjustments to the infotainment system as well as general performance and stability improvements to the software.

The updates are transferred via mobile data transfer directly to the central computers (In Car Application Server, ICAS for short) of the vehicles. Based on VW's MEB platform, these take over functions that were distributed among a multitude of control units in earlier vehicle generations. The new electronic architecture is not only more powerful, but also simplifies the exchange of data and functions between the systems in the vehicle. As a result, up to 35 control unit functions can be accessed and updated via the over-the-air updates.

With OTA Updates, Volkswagen wants to create the conditions for new business models, as the company has laid out in its ACCELERATE strategy. In

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