Window voltage detector has built-in diagnostics

November 03, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Window voltage detector has built-in diagnostics
The R3154 from Ricoh Electronic devices is a high-accuracy window voltage detector for use in a wide variety of applications including automotive equipment. The chip consists of two detectors for overvoltage and undervoltage monitoring, each with built-in hysteresis that makes it less sensitive to supply voltage noise and ensures stable operation. An additional test pin enables a diagnostic method to periodically verify the proper operation of the device.

Voltage detectors usually monitor the power supply of low voltage processors and share the same power source. In case of failure or slow start of this power source, the detector will not operate or become unstable. The design of the R3154 has been enhanced and offers several important benefits: The supply and the measuring pins are separated, this makes the voltage detector more flexible to measure a voltage within the circuit and at a very low sense voltage level. In addition, it has a wide operating voltage range, therefore it can be powered directly from car batteries and function independently from the power source for the processor.

A built-in voltage regulator makes the voltage detector’s operation independent and stabilizes voltage fluctuations of a car battery, even during a tough cranking condition. the sense voltage (Max. -1.25 to 0.75%) and hysteresis level (Typ. 0.5%) have a superior accuracy level, which makes the chip very suitable to fit into the MCU’s operation voltage specifications including temperature deviations. A malfunction is detected in an early stage, this is especially important for safety critical applications and for automotive systems requiring fault detection including ECU, ADAS, control units including EV inverters and charge controllers.

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